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Zhongshan Jingye Electric Co., Ltd. is manufacturer of high-quality aquarium equipment.We are among the top 5 in the aquarium equipment industry.

We have a leading R&D, production and sales enterprise dedicated to providing top-level aquarium equipment. With a comprehensive and scientific production and quality system, we proudly offer a wide range of products to meet the diverse needs of aquarium enthusiasts.


How do submersible pumps work?

How do submersible pumps work?

Submersible pumps are an essential part of various industries including agriculture, mining, construction and municipal water supply. They ar...

Zhongshan Jingye Electric Co., Ltd., main products
As the person in charge of Zhongshan Jingye Electric Co., Ltd., I am proud to tell you that we are committed to providing the highest quality...
Why choose us for your aquarium electric battery air pump needs
Are you in the market for an electric battery air pump for your aquarium? Look no further, we are the best choice for all your aquarium needs...